How can we help your event?

What equipment can we help you with to make your event awesome?


Explore our Rigging category, offering a diverse range of hardware for safely suspending AV equipment. Discover an assortment of clamps, hooks, shackles, and safety cables that provide stability and comply with industry standards. Whether you're setting up line arrays for concerts or lighting trusses for theater productions, we have suitable options. Browse our selection to find the right equipment for your needs and ensure a secure rigging setup for your events.


Create the perfect atmosphere at your event with lighting. Does it need to be practical and bright? Then take a look at our LED fixtures. Does it need to be more atmospheric? Check if our intelligent lighting suits you better. For example, color them in your corporate colors!


Want to grab attention quickly? Or take advantage of the ability to change content quickly? Choose from our wide range of screens to find the size that suits your production! Prefer a larger presentation? LED screens, projection, or even camera direction? We can find a suitable solution for you here too.


Loud and clear. Need to record something? Or play it back? A small conference or a mega festival tent? Each application has its own challenges and corresponding solutions. Feel free to ask for advice on which solution best suits your production, without any obligation.


All that equipment is great, but they still need to be powered and connected for signal transmission. To quickly and reliably connect everything, we offer a wide range of cables and peripheral devices. How much length do you need to cover?


In addition to rental items, we also have a wide range of accessories including tape, zip ties, and other accessories. We understand that there are items you prefer not to return, but we offer a variety of accessories to meet your needs.

Special FX

The WOW factor of your event lies in the special effects we offer. We have a wide range of possibilities, such as confetti for the grand opening of a company or building, or for a gender reveal party. These special effects will add that extra element of surprise and excitement to make your event truly memorable.

Value sets

When the wheel has already been invented, you should be able to take advantage of it. That's why we have prepared sets for frequently requested projects! Of course, it's possible to customize or expand these sets to suit your specific needs.